all students deserve the opportunity to succeed


We encourage a “college going culture” and we support leadership development in low-income, high-need communities. We believe that connecting students to opportunity has the potential to end generational poverty, and we envision a city where all students have adequate access to information and opportunity.

Our programs help make all of that possible.


In 2014, the ratio of students to counselors at HISD schools was 700 students for every one counselor, and many high schools had no college advisor or counselor at all. Project 88 is committed to improving this ratio!


Thanks to our generous donors, Project 88 was able to provide 8 HISD Schools with certified, ADVISE TX college advisors for the 2015/2016 school year! Our sponsored ADVISE TX advisors have completed a six-week practical curriculum training that focuses on college access, college admissions, financial aid, student services, diversity, community service, and professionalism.


Thanks to our generous donors, Project 88 is sponsoring ADVISE TX college advisors to serve in the following eight schools:

• Davis High School

• Yates High School

• Chavez High School

• Washington High School

• Sam Houston High School

• Barbara Jordan High School

• Sterling High School

• Waltrip High School


At Project 88 we believe that “living with a community” is the best way to “serve a community,” and we are thrilled that our ADVISE TX advisors are living within their service areas, and heavily involved in the communities and schools they serve.



Project Lead was designed to connect students to leadership training and leadership opportunities.
Project 88 has three programs under Project Lead:



Summer Leadership Camp at Rice University

We are thrilled to announce that for the first time ever, Project 88 Foundation is bringing the
“Eagle U” Experience to Rice University in Houston!  This unique leadership experience is an
intensive and exciting week of educational, challenging, and action packed days, designed to
prepare students for a 7-year jump-start on life!  The daily workshops will educate, motivate,
and inspire students to pursue the life of their dreams. Our incredible staff of student-trained
leaders and mentors will help our Project 88 Scholars focus on their strengths, identify
potential career paths, and create unique strategies to achieve success.

Project 88's selection board is teaming up with our ADVISE TX advisors to carefully select 50
qualified student applicants from our ADVISE TX schools! These students will receive a scholarship for this incredible and life transforming “Eagle U” experience!


At Project 88 Foundation, we believe that DIVERSITY will be out biggest strength when preparing American students for success in the 21st century.  We also believe that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds can learn from one another; therefore, to ensure that our Houston area students get the total “college experience,” Project 88 scholars will be paired-up with roommates from different socioeconomic backgrounds, flown in from around the country!  Students participating in this Leadership Experience will gain new friends who will become part of their "Project 88 Leadership Circle,” an accountability empowerment network. We are thrilled to bring “Eagle U” to Rice University in the summer of 2016!




Another program under “Project Lead” is our Project 88 Young Leadership Board.  In March of  2015, Project 88 selected 10 students from HISD schools to represent Project 88 within their schools. Students on our Project 88 Young Leadership Board had the opportunity to attend Eagle University this summer, as well as participate in Project 88 events, volunteer opportunities, and peer leadership circles. These same 10 students will return to be our camp leaders at Rice University for our camp in 2016! Students on our Project 88 Young Leadership board are encouraged to put their leadership skills to use by volunteering in the community and supporting each other—as part of our Project 88 family.

This past summer, Project 88 Sponsored the EMERGing Leaders Institute (ELI),
that was held at Rice University in July. The ELI is a critical component of our
ongoing efforts to support our HISD scholars, many of whom will be the first in
their family to go to college. At the conference, students explored issues like
imposter syndrome and discussed the challenges of being first generation students. Students also received hands-on coaching from leadership professionals and college professors. Topics such as how to ask for help, engage academically, and make the most of their college experience were discussed. Students also received a professional headshot to use for future opportunities, and their LinkedIn profiles. It was an amazing event, and Project 88 is eager to expand this event and sponsor it again in 2016!


For more information about Project 88's programs, contact us at



“Project 88 has opened diverse opportunities for me; from traveling to leadership conferences across the country, to volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. Project 88 is helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.”



Senior at Young Women's College Prep

“Project 88 gave me the confidence that I lacked. I now have the motivation to get out there and succeed at whatever I do.”



Senior at James Madison High School

“I didn’t know that a foundation could be so caring. The amount of support I have received from my peers and the founders has been motivational and inspiring. Their unconditional support has allowed me to change who I am now, and who I want to become in the future.”



Senior at Energized for STEM West

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